License support


You can find your license code both:
  • In your email, from
  • Once you are logged in in, on the licenses page.


1. Select the license.

Include the ---START--- and ---END--- lines.

2. Copy the license to your clipboard.

Mac: press Command-C. Windows: press Control-C. Or use the right click menu.

see example

3. Open the plugin, and from its menu select License.

The menu is the or icon.

see example

4. Click the license button.

This will copy the license from your clipboard.

Your product is now activated: you will see a confirmation.
Where are my login details? Your login details will have been emailed to you in an email titled: “Your account on Devious Machines”.Ensure you log in using the same email address/account that you originally registered with when you purchased the product. If you still cannot find them, please contact customer support.
Troubleshooting: If you purchased a license code, but are seeing an error message when trying to activate the product check:
  • You are using the code for the product which you are trying to license. Each one is unique!
  • That you have copied the code correctly. Include the ---START--- and ---END--- lines and everything in between.
If it still doesn’t work then try the solution below.
Installing using a text file: You can also try activating the product using a license contained in a text file. To do this:
  • Windows users: open the Notepad application. Mac users: Open TextEdit, start a new document, go to the Format menu, and select Make Plain Text.
  • Copy the license code, including the —START— and —END— lines, and paste it into your text document. Save the text document to somewhere on your disk (e.g. your documents folder).
  • Open the plugin, click on the gear or menu icon, and select License to open the licencing window.
  • Click the LOAD button. A file selector will now appear.
  • Navigate to and select the license text document which you just saved.
  • Your license should now load, and the plugin will activate.

Still doesn’t work?

If you have followed all of the above steps and are still experiencing problems, please contact customer support.