Privacy policy

Data controller: Devious Machines Limited.

Website visitors

We use cookies on our website.  We use them to:

  • To recognize you when you log in and keep track of items in your shopping basket
  • To gather data that helps us improve our website’s functionality
  • Find out if our advertising actually works

Website logs

Information about your actions on the site recorded in the logs which we use to identify errors, provide support and to spot and fix security problems (such as when hackers try to abuse our site).  This is in our legitimate interests.

Marketing e-mails

You can optionally sign up to our e-mails.  We don’t send them very often.  You can withdraw your consent to receive these at any time, by clicking the unsubscribe link on the e-mail.


When you make a purchase, we’ll ask for your contact info and order details. We need this to process your order, help you with any questions or issues, and contact you if necessary.

If you purchase products from other manufacturers from our store we will share your details with them so that they can (a) generate you a license (b) identify you if you need support or updates. If they would like to send you marketing information they will request your permission to do so separately.

Plugin licenses

License information: whether you buy from us or our partners, we keep information necessary to manage your software licenses:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • What products you have a license for
  • Any license expiry, date and status information

This is in our legitimate interests, we need this information to operate the licensing system that protects our products, and we believe the risk to you of us holding this limited set of information is very low.

We get this information directly from you, from our channel partners (including Plugin Boutique) or from other retailers. Our plugin licensing system is also used by other manufacturers who may have sent us your details.

We do not use information provided to our licensing system for any purpose other than managing your license.  You will need to sign up separately to receive marketing information from us.

Plugin error notifications and support

Sometimes our plugins might send error info to our analytics server. This helps us improve our products and offer better support if you run into any issues. This information is essential so we can provide fixes.

We may also collect optional, anonymous usage analytics with your consent. We don’t use this for targeted marketing, but it helps us focus on improving the features you actually use. You can opt-in or out of providing this information. You’ll need to run the Software Manager to opt-in in the first place.

Additionally, we keep any correspondence with you regarding our products.  Again, we keep this for the lifetime of the product as we may review it when considering updates, bug fixes and new features.

Data security

We use reputable cloud service providers for the storage of much of your data.

Who we share your data with

Your data will be stored on our systems which are primarily located in the UK.  We use https where sensitive information is transmitted, such as password details.  Our office e-mail is handed by who are an Australian company with data centres in the US.  Additionally our support tickets are currently handed by ZenDesk who will handle e-mails sent to our support e-mail address directly or via our retailers.  They have a detailed privacy statement here:

Social Media Platforms — We may your email address available to companies in order to advertise and market our services to you through other platforms on the internet (e.g. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook). See the ‘Marketing’ section of this Privacy Policy above. This will just mean you might, if we organise a campaign, occasionally see Devious Machines adverts and information on these platforms.

We use Google Analytics to store anonymized data that helps us determine if our advertising efforts are paying off or if we’re just throwing money away.

Data retention

All product related information is kept for the lifetime of the product it relates to.  We do this so we can ensure that bug-fixes and new features take into account customer feedback.

Information about orders and licenses will need to be kept for the life-time of the product, which may be considerably after the product ceases to be sold, so that automatic license installation will still work if you decide to keep using the product.

Security information, such as website logs, are deleted after no more than 12 months, unless we need to store a portion of them to document a security issue.

Your rights

You have some rights to your personal data.  You can find out about them here:

If you’d like to exercise any of your rights please e-mail

If you don’t agree with how we handle your request, you can ask the ICO to investigate:

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