Devious Machines are a small group of music lovers who are passionate about what we do. We strive to build high quality products to help you make great music, with long-term support, at an honest and affordable price.

Honest pricing

If you’ve spent any time shopping for plug-ins, you’ll probably have noticed a lot of products advertised with huge discounts, and massively inflated RRPs to match. We believe that this practice is dishonest, and undermines trust in the industry as a whole. Does anybody seriously believe that a product advertised at $20 with 90% off is really worth $200? We don’t think so!

We do occasionally run sales promotions on individual plug-ins, so if you’re prepared to wait you might be able to save up to 25% off the RRP. But we’ll never leave customers who pay the full RRP feeling ripped off by selling the same product at a massive discount next month.

Save with a bundle

If you want to save money, then the cheapest way to get all of our products will always be to purchase a bundle. With the Pro Effects Bundle, you can get all our flagship plug-ins at a large saving over the combined RRP (currently around a half); even cheaper than waiting for the seasonal sales.

And if you already own one or more of our products, you can upgrade to the latest Everything Bundle with personalised Upgrade Pricing.

Quality, not quantity

Does the music world really need hundreds of plug-ins that are a rehash of the same DSP with slightly different user interfaces, just because a company wants to keep making “new” releases? We don’t think so. Our aim is to keep your plug-in list small, and populated with genuinely valuable tools you’ll want to call upon time and again.

Long-term support

We’ve all been there: we find a plug-in we love, then the company that built it either abandons it, or charges for an “update” just to support the latest OS. Not us! If you buy a product from us, you’ll have a tool that you can depend upon for years to come, with free maintenance updates and support, and sometimes even new features.

And if you ever experience a problem, you can always contact us to speak to a real human.

Help for students

We understand that being in education is costly, which is why we offer a 50% educational discount. If you’re in full-time education, please contact support with proof of your student status, and we’ll be happy to help.

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