Important updates (all plugins)

We’ve added OSX 10.15 support to our plugins. We’ve also added resizable UIs to all of them at the same time.

The plugins will save the last size you set and that will be used for all future instances of the plugin.

Other fixes include:

  • Duck: architectural change to fix a rare problem where in heavily loaded sessions the plugin state was not recalled correctly.
  • Duck: fix to curve dragging so the curve doesn’t jump unexpectedly
  • Pitch Monster: fixed a crash
  • Texture: ui performance improvements

Mac 32-bit support is no longer provided. Anyone requiring 32-bit plugins on the Mac still should continue to use their existing plugins (v1.5.x of Texture, v1.0.13 of Duck and v1.1.1 of Pitch Monster). No further fixes are planned for users of 32-bit mac plugins (I suspect there are only about 2 of you left who haven’t upgraded to 64-bit!)

Duck 1.0.13

Duck 1.0.13 adds a sample offset control. This is primarily for use with Ableton when Duck is preceded by a plugin with a long internal delay. Open the SPEED menu and you’ll find the offset control at the top next to the speed menu heading. It also makes the cross-over frequency display brighter and easier to read. We have also added a feature which displays a small orange dot in the menu if a new version is available for download. Thanks to the folks on Gearslutz who requested these features.


Duck 1.0.11

Duck 1.0.11 adds a new feature and fixes a bug affecting Protools users with the demo.

The menu now has options to flip the curve shape  horizontally or vertically (see picture).

It also fixes a bug where the demo version in Protools could cause Protools to make a buzzing sound after 5-10 minutes. This could only be stopped by restarting Protools. We don’t really understand how Protools manages to enter such a bizarre failure mode, but it appears possible.

Thanks to Jordan for his help in spotting this bug.


Texture 1.5.15

Since 1.5 the following fixes:

  • Fix for incorrect LFO lengths at 8 beats+*
  • Fix for possible crash using Akai DAW
  • Manual link in menu works
  • Stopped crash when loading bad sample
  • Disabled OpenGL on Windows (too risky!)
  • Fixed logic error with repeat mode and DAW looping
  • Spectrum analyser improvements
  • Fix for BPM sync display bug

*Jim needs to practice multiplying by eight!