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Latest Version

If you do not have a license the plug-in will run in demo mode for 14 days. In demo mode the plug-in will occasionally produce a few seconds of white noise in the output. This limitation will be removed once you purchase the plug-in and apply the license.

Beta Versions

If you have any feedback on beta versions contact us on the support e-mail. Please mention which version you are providing feedback on.

None available

Old Versions

None available

Recent Changes

Version: 1.0.33

  • MUL-257 - fix: fails to show as updated in the software manager on windows
  • MUL-239 - fix: demo mode notification appears twice

Version: 1.0.32

  • MUL-256 - Fix: Split nodes have a repaint issue.
  • MUL-254 - VST2 install location fixed when using software manager
  • MUL-253 - Fix: The zero line is missing when zooming in on the vertical graph axis.
  • MUL-252 - New: Extra grid scale with 2dB increments.
  • MUL-240 - New: The mix and crossover frequencies should support typing in values.
  • MUL-218 - performance: improve performance of linear phase crossover on windows

Version: 1.0.31

  • MUL-250 - New presets from Emre added
  • MUL-248 - Update notifications did not work
  • MUL-245 - Tooltips appear on all plugin instances at once when multiple plugin windows are open
  • MUL-241 - Demo mode could have less noise, or just silence less frequently and synchronised between multiple plugins

Version: 1.0.30

  • MUL-249 - Fix crash when loading sessions in FL Studio and Studio One

Known Issues

  • MUL-235 - In linear phase mode clicks can be heard when dragging the crossover handles

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