Boost 1.5.5 updates


  • Fixed mac installer to not insist on Rosetta2 (it isn’t required)
  • VST2.4 available but cannot be distributed due to Steinberg licensing
  • Consolidated minor fixes


  • Apple silicon support


  • True peak compression available.
  • Oversampling for cleaner Drive and Emphasis if needed.
  • Latency compensated wet / dry control for Parallel Compression.
  • Mid / Sides mode for Stereo image Maximisation.
  • Stereo link for preservation of stereo image.
  • Major metering update. Diff meter now tracks what internal amplification is set to do rather than comparing input and output

Download here

Infiltrator v1.2 Update

Version 1.2 of Infiltrator is easier to use and has many new features.  We included many of the suggestions we’ve received. So, it is a substantial update. There will be more in future versions.  We are planning additional effects for the next update.  And after that we will look at the suggestions for additional modulation options. If you have any feedback on the new features contact us via our support@ email address.

What’s new

The updates are –
  • Load random preset button
  • Undo and redo.  This has a limited number of steps to conserve memory but can get you out of trouble, and can undo edits or even whole accidental preset loads.  Alt-click on the new undo button to access redo.
  • MIDI mapping for parameter and macro controls
    • Right+click context menu on parameter knobs to access MIDI assignment
    • Control parameters using
      • MIDI CCs
      • Pitch bend wheel
      • MIDI note-on key number
      • MIDI note-on velocity
  • MIDI Mode – You can now configure which MIDI note controls which effect, including assigning multiple effects to a single note, or disabling MIDI control for specific effects:
    • In MIDI mode, right-click an effect-slot to reassign the note which triggers the effect.
    • Or from the same menu you can remove the note assignment: and the effect will just be controlled by the on/off state of the effect-slot.
  • Envelope shape editing:
    • Repeat – duplicates the envelope and halves the LFO speed when possible.
    • Extend – adds a new flat section to the right and halves the LFO speed
    • Halve – halves the envelope and doubles the LFO speed
    • There is a maximum limit of 200 points in the envelope editor.
    • Duplicate selected envelope points.  You can select a bit you like and duplicate it over and over to make a cool repeating pattern.
    • Y axis snapping when dragging points, including snapping to neighbouring points (easier to draw straight lines) and snapping to the zero position.
    • Quantisation
    • Invert – flips the envelope upside-down
  • Pitch snapping:
    • New scale types
    • Auto-snapping to the nearest note when changing scale
  • Menu changes: We’ ve tried to standardise the menu names and functions in a few places
    • There are now new or update context menus, including:
      • Envelope points
      • Envelope background
      • Sequencer rows
    • To reduce the number of options in some menus note:
      • To copy the whole effect unit, right click on the effect unit selector (the button with the number on).
      • To copy the sequence, right click on the sequencer row you want to copy.  You can copy multiple rows and also paste a small number of rows into a larger number and it’ll repeat them.
  • Sequencer functions:
    • Rotating the selected sequence region
    • New random and shuffle options: alt-click on the random button to shuffle the whole sequence instead of just the selected rows.  Hold alt and shift to randomize all the rows.  Shuffle = one effect on at once, Randomize = multiple effects can be on at once.
    • Drag the whole range to a new position
    • Right click on range to open a menu with Duplicate Range action
  • Bug fixes: 
    • A change to avoid corrupted tooltip fonts on some systems.
  • Solo effect function to preview individual effect units.  This should make it easier to design and debug complex effect sequences.
  • Effect changes
    • Additional distortion types on the movable overdrive effect unit.

Pitch Monster 1.2.4

The pitch bend range control had never worked. We’ve fixed it in this build. If you’ve been using pitch bend* set the range to 12 to get the old behaviour.

*and as we only had one e-mail about it not working you probably haven’t!

Duck 1.1.5

Version 1.1.5 fixes a bug where the sample offset reset to zero, and where entering values in the amount text box didn’t work properly.

Version 1.1.4 sharpens up the UI, fixes a problem where all the points could be deleted.

Version 1.1.1 fixes a bug where the settings were sometimes not restored when reopening a session.


UrsaDSP Boost 1.1.36

Boost 1.1.36 includes the following fixes:


  • Stop the buttons stealing enter keypresses (some users were using enter to start / stop transport and this was understandably annoying)
  • resizing state now preserved between sessions.
  • Expander menu option
  • fixed issue with very quiet noise being cut (e.g. dither noise)
  • hidden latency compensated Wet / Dry (UI coming soon)
  • 1.1.32

  • fixed issue with plugin manufacturer coding which may affect some hosts.
  • In app help improved.
  • other minor issues improved.
  • 1.1.28

  • updated presets to use lower, tighter release times.
  • added ability to double click value tabs and edit in precise values
  • fixed an issue with bypass in some hosts.
  • download

    Pitch Monster 1.2.3 and UrsaDSP Boost 1.1.22

    Note: Pitch Monster 1.2.3 is a substantial upgrade for Windows users as the previous installer for Pitch Monster included the wrong version of the binary. All Windows users are encouraged to install this update.

    UrsaDSP Boost 1.1.22 includes some important bug fixes for both platforms.


    Duck 1.1.4

    Duck 1.1.4 sharpens up the UI, fixes a problem where all the points could be deleted.

    Version 1.1.1 fixes a bug where the settings were sometimes not restored when reopening a session.


    Important updates (all plugins)

    We’ve added OSX 10.15 support to our plugins. We’ve also added resizable UIs to all of them at the same time.

    The plugins will save the last size you set and that will be used for all future instances of the plugin.

    Other fixes include:

    • Duck: architectural change to fix a rare problem where in heavily loaded sessions the plugin state was not recalled correctly.
    • Duck: fix to curve dragging so the curve doesn’t jump unexpectedly
    • Pitch Monster: fixed a crash
    • Texture: ui performance improvements

    Mac 32-bit support is no longer provided. Anyone requiring 32-bit plugins on the Mac still should continue to use their existing plugins (v1.5.x of Texture, v1.0.13 of Duck and v1.1.1 of Pitch Monster). No further fixes are planned for users of 32-bit mac plugins (I suspect there are only about 2 of you left who haven’t upgraded to 64-bit!)

    Pitch Monster review at 344 Audio – 4.7 out of 5

    “Pitch Monster packs a large number of features for its price, and the quality of the pitch shifting is very impressive. The effects that can be produced are fantastic, and the GUI is very easy to work with making this product suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Devious machine really have unleashed a true monster with this plugin!” –