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We have a new product about to launch: Duck.   Think LFO Tool/Volume Shaper but with audio triggering.

DOWNLOAD installer

Try it and send us feedback ideally in the next couple of days: mail me, or Let me know if we can use your feedback in our marketing.

If you would like a full license for it or access to our previous and future products, including Texture, see below.

thanks, Jim Credland.

Temporary license for testing, expires 1st oct:


Licenses and other products

You can request a license for just Duck by mailing us.

If you’d like access to previous and future products:

    1. create an account here:
    2. e-mail – in the e-mail, if we haven’t met yet, then say hello, mention who gave you this and give us a tiny bit of background so we aren’t strangers 🙂
    3. We will approve your beta account and get you an invite to the beta facebook group
    4. … you can download products and create licenses

Thank you!

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