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All the Devious Machines plugins in one discounted bundle. Includes Duck, Texture, Pitch Monster and the Percussive Layers for Texture expansion pack.

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Pitch Monster
Mind bending pitch effects, with polyphony, unison, chord memories and more.
Quackingly good side-chain style ducking. Exceptionally easy to use with audio, midi and LFO retriggering.
A powerful sound layer effect for adding noise, interest or completely transforming your sound. Trigger drums from input audio. Add any sound to any other sound. Comes with 340+ built in Textures.
UrsaDSP products are now available here in the Devious Machines store. UrsaDSP is the brainchild of Dave Elton, inventor of the award winning Lagrange delay and regular Devious Machines collaborator. You can find out more at ursadsp.com, or join his mailing list and Dave will send you a nice e-mail when there are updates, discounts or new UrsaDSP products.
Boost by UrsaDSP
An ultra-low distortion compressor limiter. Use it as a signal enhancer during mastering, or to reveal hidden details while mixing or creating new sounds.