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Coming Soon: Multiband X6

We’ve been busy here at Devious HQ, and are excited to unveil our forthcoming plug-in: Multiband X6.

What is it?

A modern dynamics plug-in, boasting up to 6 bands of compression and expansion, coupled to a slick, workflow-enhancing user interface.

Why a multiband compressor?

We think multiband compression is a hugely powerful effect that can completely transform a mix. But when we looked at what was available, we found surprisingly few offerings. Most were either showing their age, or were heavyweight “engineer’s” tools: great for detailed work or technical problem solving, but complicated and/or cumbersome.

How is this different?

Firstly, the sound. We developed three unique characters of compression, plus expansion, each with buckets of musical character. Then, we looked at the interface, rethinking how the user interacts with the plug-in. The result we think is faster, more intuitive and more enjoyable to use; without compromising on features.

What about the interface?

Instead of setting up each band individually, you interact with X6 just like a regular compressor: each of the key parameters is controlled using a single knob which affects all the bands, so you can dial in the effect and hear the result within seconds. Then, once you’re up and running, tweak the individual bands to taste. Of course, you can still edit bands one-by-one if you want to.

It doesn’t stop there. Smart gain compensation keeps the level constant as you dial up the effect, freeing you to focus on the sound of the compression, not adjusting the gains. Auto-threshold analyses the input signal and sets thresholds for an equal amount of compression across all the bands, further reducing the manual setup.

OK, but what about power users?

We worked with renowned engineers in the fields of mixing, mastering and live sound to ensure this plug-in delivered for the most demanding of users. You’ll find a choice of crossover types and slopes, oversampling, lookahead, and powerful side-chaining options, together with LUFS, true-peak and RMS I/O metering.

When’s it available?

Multiband X6 will be available from the 28th June 2023. As usual, there’ll be a 14-day demo available.

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