Infiltrator 2.2 – Now Available

We’ve updated Infiltrator to version 2.2, adding more macros, new presets, and various small improvements. The new additions include:

  • Increased number of Macro controls to 8
  • New ‘Stratosphere’ bank with over 50 new presets
  • Random envelope start position
  • MIDI program change support
  • Macro edit functions
  • AAX Apple Silicon compatibility
  • Performance and memory use optimisations
  • Fixed issue with latency compensation that resulted in phasing

Double the Macros

With Infintrator 2.2, we’ve doubled the number of assignable Macro controls to 8, for even greater control. Reveal the four extra Macros by clicking on the “+” button to the right of the Macro panel at the top of the plug-in interface.

MIDI Program / Bank Change Support

Infiltrator can now utilise MIDI program and bank change messages in order to change presets. Simply right-click a preset bank in the preset browser, and use the context menu to assign it to a MIDI program change bank, and its presets can now be selected via MIDI.

New Presets

Infiltrator 2.2 adds over 50 new presets for complex, creative sound design. These can be found in the new ‘Stratosphere’ bank in the Sound Design category – so-called because many of them were created and used in the production of the free Stratosphere Sample Pack

Randomised Envelope Start Position

When triggering envelopes using Audio or MIDI, you can now randomise the start position, for endless variation. Enable Audio or MIDI triggering on the Trigger Settings Panel, then click the dice icon.

Macro Edit Menu

To help manage your macros, you can now right-click a macro to reveal its context menu. From here, you can clear macro assignments, and re-order your macro controls.

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