Stratosphere: Soundscapes and Melodic Loops

Add atmosphere and depth to your productions with Stratosphere – a deep and evocative pack of soundscapes, textures and melodic loops, created exclusively for the Devious Machines community..

The unique and original samples combine field recordings from natural environments of the UK with lush layers of vintage synths, haunting drones and evocative melodies – at times mixing guitar harmonics with the warmth and weight of analog circuitry.

Richard Gale, our in-house sound designer, explains the pack was inspired by the experimental and avant-garde approach of artists such as Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John Cage.

“These artists have all pushed the boundaries of traditional music composition, using unconventional techniques and sounds to create unique and thought-provoking music. The sample pack aims to pay homage to these pioneers of experimental soundscapes, while also bringing a fresh and original perspective to the genre. Using Texture, Infiltrator and modern production techniques, like granular synthesis, wavetable synthesis and FFT processing, allowed me to create new and fresh sounds which are not limited by the technology of the past and bring a modern edge to the sample pack.”

The result is an incredibly versatile collection, suitable for a wide range of genres, which we hope you’ll enjoy using in your own sonic adventures.

The pack contains:

  • 12 x Colours – Melodic sequences/loops
  • 12 x Drones – Swells and textures
  • 12 x Pads – Analogue pads
  • 9 x Soundscapes – Field recordings layered with synth sounds

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