Infiltrator 2 – New Features

Infiltrator 2 introduces many new features.  The most important ones are described here.  If you want to know more about them you can read the manual or watch some of the videos available on the product page.


There are now 1500 presets designed by us and our featured artists – many of which show off the new effect modules.


We had many requests for additional modulation routing options.

So, the audio envelope follower knob can now be switched to a second envelope mode and may also be routed to a number of modulation destinations, including effect mix.

New effects

  • Reverse Plays your audio backwards.  You can choose how frequently your audio is resampled and play it backwards at the original tempo or slower.
  • Varispeed Allows you to slow down incoming audio with by pitching it down, you can also play back incoming audio in reverse.
  • Slowdown Slows down the audio to a subdivision of its speed. The main knob breaks down each subdivision, from hard left is full speed, then half speed and so on. The tempo knob changes how often a new audio segment is captured.
  • Time-stretch A granular time-stretch effect, which slows down portions of the incoming audio without affecting the pitch.
  • Vocoder Uses a filter-bank to impose the formants of the incoming audio signal (modulator) onto an internal oscillator (carrier).
  • Void reverb A high quality diffuser which has a slower attack in longer settings, it can also go very
    dark with the tone control.
  • Reflect reverb Simulates sound reflecting from surfaces (walls). Can be used for short reverberation effects, to create “slap back” echoes, or may be placed before a Reverb module to provide the early reflection portion of a high-quality reverb effect. With careful adjustment you can make reverbs that rival some well known dedicated reverbs.
  • Compressor Versions of the master output compressor that you can place anywhere in your signal chain. These also have a few new parameters for creative control.
  • Gate two audio noise-gate effects
  • Dual Filter a pair of resonant high/low pass filters. The bandwidth control adjusts the spacing between the two filters.
  • Formant Filter B Mode a new mode on the formant filter for a bolder voice like filtering.
  • MIDI CC output send the output of the envelope as a MIDI CC signal.  This will work more easily in some DAWs than others.

New FFT based effects

  • Shift Shifts and translates the entire frequency spectrum up or down.
  • Twist Wraps the spectrum around a frequency, the centre frequency is controlled with Freq.
  • Mirror Flips a portion of the frequency spectrum.
  • Bandpass An FFT-based brickwall bandpass filter.
  • Stretch Applies frequency-based time stretching.
  • Scatter Delays different frequencies by randomly shifting amounts.
  • Cascade Delays frequency bins according to some central frequency.
  • Smear Smears the frequency spectrum over time.
  • Reverb FFT-based reverberator.
  • Compress FFT-based compressor/limiter, similar to a multi-band compressor with a large number of bands.
  • Corrupt A creative digital filter which removes either the quietest or loudest partials from the sound.
  • Lofi A creative effect which can emulate low bitrate digital compression.
  • Spread Spreads the spectrum over the frequency domain. Amount controls how far each frequency band is spread to its neighbours.

Other notable improvements

  • Search for presets by name in the preset browser
  • Latency compensation modes to prevent unnecessary playback glitches when switching presets.
  • Improved effect visualisers
  • New effect drag behaviours so you can drag an effect and insert it between two others instead of it always replacing the effect
  • Double click resets curve shape
  • New random lines mode in the curve randomiser


Visit the product page to download the demo or buy Infiltrator 2.  Infiltrator 2 is a free upgrade for existing Infiltrator owners.

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