Coming Soon – Infiltrator 2

The Multi-effect Evolved… Again.

What’s new in two? Twice the effects, twice the presets, and twice the modulation power; all with the same intuitive workflow.

Combine up to 10 effects from the 54 world-class modules. Modulate key parameters using powerful multi-segment envelopes. Control the entire ensemble using the onboard sequencer and assignable macros. Build your own effect chains, or draw from the vast library of over 1500 mind-blowing presets.

Whether it’s conventional effects or reality-bending sonic madness, Infiltrator puts it all at your fingertips.

If you already own INFILTRATOR, or purchase it now, you will receive a free upgrade to INFILTRATOR 2, when it’s released. INFILTRATOR 2 will be a drop-in upgrade and fully compatible with projects that use the original version.

New features for INFILTRATOR 2:

  • Improved modulation: Each individual effect has a second, assignable envelope which can modulate any of its parameters.
  • Expanded Filters: Adding to the existing filter-family collection, meet the new Dual filter (combined lowpass and high-pass filter for vowel-like noises), Formant filter (fuller-sounding mode on the vocal formant filter) and Notch filter.
  • Vastly expanded preset library: Now catalogued and categorised to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Vocoder Effect.
  • Enhanced Reverb: The stunning Void allows massive, lush reverb tails. Reflect simulates early reflections and diffuse echoes.
  • New Degrade distortion model.
  • Time manipulation suite: Meet Stretch the granular timestretch; Varispeed – ideal for tape stops and vinyl scratch effects; drop your beats to half time with Slow; Reverse – your audio, but backwards at the touch of a button.
  • Spectral Effects: 14 fresh effects which transform your audio in the frequency domain using FFT
  • Optimised dynamics: Compressor effects in Infiltrator’s Master section are now available as a module alongside a new audio gate module.
  • MIDI CC output: Infiltrator’s envelopes may now be used to control external devices.
  • Latency compensation: More options for smoother preset changes.

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