UrsaDSP Boost 1.1.36

Boost 1.1.36 includes the following fixes:


  • Stop the buttons stealing enter keypresses (some users were using enter to start / stop transport and this was understandably annoying)
  • resizing state now preserved between sessions.
  • Expander menu option
  • fixed issue with very quiet noise being cut (e.g. dither noise)
  • hidden latency compensated Wet / Dry (UI coming soon)
  • 1.1.32

  • fixed issue with plugin manufacturer coding which may affect some hosts.
  • In app help improved.
  • other minor issues improved.
  • 1.1.28

  • updated presets to use lower, tighter release times.
  • added ability to double click value tabs and edit in precise values
  • fixed an issue with bypass in some hosts.
  • download

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